AleGloria - Najlepsza polska restauracja w Warszawie AleGloria - Najlepsza polska restauracja w Warszawie


Goose meat is becoming more and more fashionable. This exquisite meat appears in Polish restaurants and on the Polish table more and more often, even though nothing has changed in the world. The best-known Polish goose is poultry reared in Kołuda Wielka near Inowrocław. Chefs and gourmets all over the world highly appreciate the meat from the Polish breeder.

In my restaurants goose from Kołuda has a special place in the men. My goose in AleGloria is stuffed with veal, goose liver and wild boar scratching. Roasted almonds, apples, roasted shallot, and thyme give additional taste and flavour. Delicate meat is roasted in its fat and crispy crust is glazed with salty beer; combined it gives an unforgettable taste. Tasting goose in AleGloria is a must. Goose is present not only in main dishes, it also appears as a stuffing in dumplings, which are prepared fresh and instantly served, absolutely for free. For starters we serve goose pate with apricot jelly and cranberries,  a stunning combination of colours and flavours. Make sure to try green lettuce with smoked goose meat and goose liver drizzled with thyme, prune  and honey vinaigrette. If you decided to order goose leg delish on exquisite sides. It’s delicious in AleGloria.

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