AleGloria - Najlepsza polska restauracja w Warszawie AleGloria - Najlepsza polska restauracja w Warszawie


AleGloria restaurant was founded 15 years ago as a tribute to the contemporary taste of Young Poland’s traditions. Inspired by the philosophy, art and culture of Young Poland I have painted the restaurant like a red and white picture: lace combined with strawberries, plunged in the glow of creative Polish cuisine.
AleGloria combines new philosophy, new aesthetics and new insight into flavours that have been unfairly neglected in the past years. Throughout this inspiring marriage I have rediscovered the culinary art of Young Poland and I aim at presenting these somewhat forgotten flavours in a new, contemporary style to all my Guests visiting the restaurant. In the brightly lit interiors, full of strawberry trees and geese running around the wooden floors, you will find Polish culinary art at its best. It is the perfect combination of the forgotten world and modern culinary ideas, dominated by the best Polish products. It is my response to the inane globalism which is flooding Poland. It is delicious… in AleGloria!

AleGloria! Feast that lasts forever...

Ekskluzywna i elegancka restauracja w Warszawie

Best polish restaurant Warsaw

Magda Gessler is the most recognized restaurateur in Poland, she is also an artist painter who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Her restaurants resemble works of art, not only in its culinary aspects. She always decorates her restaurants by herself, changing the place into the unique space full of craftsmanship and artistry. She calls herself a director of art where each of her guests play a main part. She is a culinary unquestioned authority, over the years appreciated by the industry and millions of Poles. Thanks to her passion and commitment she managed to save almost 150 restaurants around the country and the number is growing all the time. With her fiery temperament and a distinctive storm of blond curls she fights for taste, quality and style in Polish restaurants. She is a traveller, author of books and essays and a unique culinary television personality. She has been awarded with: Viktor in the category of television discovery, Telekamery 2012 in the category of TV Personality and the Top Ten in 2013 in the category Always on Top. Since 2012 she is a member of the jury in the Polish edition of MasterChef. She hosts Polish edition of Culinary Revolutions from 2010.


“My tastes in the AleGloria menu are perfectly highlighted with the wines selected by the four-time Polish sommelier champion, Tomasz Kolecki. My collaboration with Tomek resulted in creating an impressive wine list ideally combined with the culinary art of Young Poland.”

Magda Gessler


Polish sommelier Champion in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Participant in the finals of the European Championships and the World Sommelier in Sofia (2008), Santiago (2010), Strasbourg (2010) and Tokyo (2013), the holder of titles ASI Diploma International Sommelier, Certified Court of Master Sommeliers, Advanced Wine & Spirits Education Trust.
He served as an arbitrator at the Polish Sommeliers Championships, Domaines and Châteaux Castel sommelier Cup, the final of the Coupe Georges Baptiste world, the International Championship of Lithuania Sommeliers, The International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels, and the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London. He is also a recognized columnist of Puls Biznesu and Horeca magazines.

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