AleGloria - Najlepsza polska restauracja w Warszawie AleGloria - Najlepsza polska restauracja w Warszawie

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    The favourable location of the historic building at Plac Trzech Krzyży (Three Crosses Square), unique interiors and traditional Polish dishes guarantee success for every meeting.



    AleGloria Restaurant is the only place in Poland that organizes a unique wedding. The unique interiors, decorations and the arrangement of the rooms create a fabulous, atmospheric space that will honour the wedding and mesmerize the wedding guests.



    The interior of the patio can be arranged in a scenographic manner, according to your wish. The whole space is perfect for gala with cocktail parties as well as concerts.



    Meetings with the closest are a great time to share the joy of moments spent together with traditional Polish dishes.

  • First Communion

    First Communion

    The AleGloria restaurant, where strawberry trees have blossomed and white geese have flown, is the perfect place to organize a solemn reception on the occasion of the First Communion.

  • Baptism meeting

    Baptism meeting

    The perfect place for a meeting with family and friends on the occasion of Baptism. Intimate, quiet with the possibility of using selected Sal to be excluded.

The artist, while creating the interior, bravely inspired herself with the painting of Jacek Malczewski. It was in his symbolic allegories that she found inspiration for both the name of the restaurant and for some elements of the decor. But this is not the dark Malczewski we know, dedicating his paintings to a passing age. It is gentle Malczewski, full of love for people, praising life, showing hope in his paintings and showing the beauty of the landscape and man as a part of nature. His "Polonia", "Pytia" or "Wiosna – Krajobraz z Tobiaszem" are symbols, used by Magda Gessler to provoke. Malczewski presented in “AleGloria” is a creator of his own world, full of fantastical characters and symbolic landscapes. Its quaintness, manifested in surprising compositional ideas and bold colours, is well presented in the spacious interiors of the restaurant.


Magda Gessler has managed to create an optimistic atmosphere in underground interiors, that are normally associated with a solemn, chilly and gloomy ambience.  The cellars of the “AleGloria” restaurant give off a joyful and radiant mood. Large mirrors in beechwood frames, a bright wooden floor, white lace tablecloths, soft comfortable armchairs that let you lazily browse the menu and the wine list. Stepping inside, your attention is drawn to the center of the room where a large tree decorated with red strawberries is growing. The strawberry motif features throughout the entire restaurant and can be seen on tablecloths and furniture.

Strawberry Room


The cellar room has a strong ambience and features warm, bright colors and atmospheric lighting. On the red brick walls your attention is drawn by wooden, handcrafted antlers. These elements, along with white tablecloths and headrests embroidered with pictures of geese give the room an exclusive look.

Forest Room


A room with one-of-a-kind ambience, illuminated by sparkling crystals hanging from the walls and by the soft light of lamps with feather shades. The room combines folk art motifs from different regions of Poland. Whitened wicker benches, folk embroidery on the backrests or folk papercraft on the walls display the essence of regional cultural traditions.

Crystal Room


The central part of the room contains a faux fireplace, whose light enhances the warm and pleasant atmosphere. The walls are decorated with paper folk art, native to the Kurpie region of Poland. These elements make the fireplace room resemble the interior of a traditional rural home.

Fireplace Room


The main decorative element is a large painting by Jacek Malczewski, whose reflection can be seen from every part of the room, thanks to suspended mirrors. Whitened chairs and strawberries embroidered on the cushions serve as reference to the main motif of the restaurant.

Malczewski's Room


The interior of the patio can be arranged in a scenographic manner, according to your wish. The whole space is perfect for gala with cocktail parties as well as concerts. Every event organized on our Patio, thanks to the great location and elegance of the interior, gains prestige.

Patio surface: 377 m2

Capacity: max 350 (standing) max 200 (miejsc siedzących)


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